Auto Care Products


  • Airconditioner Antibac (Aerosol) – 400ml

Destroys odour causing bacteria and algae. Kills stale tobacco smoke odour.

  • Brake Cleaner (Aerosol) – 300ml

Removes brake dust and other deposits. Prevents circulation of toxic brake dust. Cleans metal, glass and ceramic surfaces

  • Carburettor Cleaner (Aerosol) – 300ml

Removes gum and varnish build-up in carburettors. Cleans chokes, linkages and jets

  • Multilube – Penetrating oil (Aerosol) – 300ml

Rapid penetration loosens rusted bolts and fasteners soon after application. Protects areas against corrosion.

  • Silicone Lubricant (Aerosol) – 400ml

Protects, lubricates & waterproofs all surfaces as well as electrical components. Inhibits corrosion. Provides a high gloss finish to all plastic, metal and rubber components