Trust SOLVE to find a Solution

Manufacturers of quality, undiluted cleaning solutions at reasonable prices.

To solve something means to clarify, to find a solution, or a way to deal with a problem. We here at SOLVE Cleaning Supplies; take pride in manufacturing the solution to solve your cleaning problems.
Our products are of highest quality and undiluted, industrial strength that you can trust.

Trust the SOLVE range of products to effortlessly help you deal with the specific cleaning and problems that you encounter.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: from dish washing liquid to mops
  • Wine Industry: from general cleaning to tank cleaning and sanitising
  • Hospitality Industry: Air fresheners to carpet cleaning
  • Automotive Industry: Car wash to Engine rebuilding
  • Marine Industry: Solvent degreasers to electrical non conductive cleaners
  • Engineering Industry: Scale removers to Stainless Steel cleaners
  • Construction Industry: Cement cleaners to Rust removers
  • Retail Industry: Industrial strength Shelf chemicals
  • Laundry Industry: Micro2 enzyme technology